Hi, I’m glad you’re here! Or rather, over there. I hope you’ll enjoy following me on my awkward adventures. Looking for more? Check out my new Introvert Doodles book! (Currently available on  Amazon  and  Barnes & Noble).

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If you’d like to know whether you can use one of my comics, here’s the low-down:

For news & blog articles, you may use up to 10, if you link back to IntrovertDoodles.com and mention my Introvert Doodles book (currently available on  Amazon  and  Barnes & Noble). I’m happy to answer interview questions via email.

For personal projects (such as school or work presentations), you may use up to 3 images, provided you include a link to IntrovertDoodles.com

Please do not use my images as an avatar, in your artwork or crafts, or for resale purposes of any kind.

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Really? After reading my introverted cartoons, you’re STILL going to contact me? All I can say is, this had better be good. Like, an awesome compliment. Or a request to purchase ad space. Or an offer to mail me candy! (Kidding. I’d love to hear from you. Just not over the phone.) — xoxo, Marzi